Dear Tea Pubbers, after a successful launch we sadly had to close the business due to the sudden death of one of our cofounders. Thank you to everybody who came and gave your support to our Tea Pub, it was an incredible experience and the first of its kind in the world. We hope that one day it might be brewed up again.

If Britain is a tea drinking nation, why do we accept a pinch of dust in a sad little bag as the norm?

What does it say that it’s easier to get a pot of loose-leaf tea in Paris than in London?

Albion Tea is standing up for our national drink by sitting you down in Brew, the Tea Pub – a place for real tea

The Tea Pub

We invite you to join us in the best spirit of British invention by reinterpreting two of the things that define us a nation – drinking tea and pubs – by bringing them together.

We’re combining The warmth and welcome of a pub, with pots of tea instead of pints of beer.

Tea that does the job

We take pride in tea –– that means throwing the teabag into the dustbin of history and freely brewing leaves to release all their power and flavour.

We believe Real Tea needs to hit the spot. Like our English Breakfast Superior, chosen and blended to pass the builders test. Strong and dark to go with milk and sugar, but with more flavour because it’s out of the bag.

We take the same pride in our Real Bergamot Earl Grey, Fresh Masala Chai or Morrocan Gunpowder Mint. Great tea leaves don’t need to be messed about with too much. Real tea, served properly will taste better than a herbal pot pourri.

Drunk on Tea

Tea doesn’t just brew, it infuses, into spirits which we make alcoholic tea cocktails with, like the Earl Grey & Tonic or English Breakfast Martini

Tea Pub Grub

Our food reinterprets British tradition. Like Marmalade glazed sausage rolls or smashed peas with sourdough.

We serve a range of food and cakes that can be paired to different teas. Like an Almond and Blueberry crumble cake with jasmine tea or Chocolate Guinness to go with our English breakfast superior.

Growing Strong

Taking pride in our national drink, means working with people who take pride in how its grown. We work with suppliers who champion small tea growers and better ways of growing tea.

Like Pranab Nath in Assam. By processing his own leaves rather than selling them to the teabag factory, Pranab keeps more profit for himself, his family and his community.

Brew, the Tea Pub also provide work experience and job opportunities for ex-offenders, like Pellum. Albion Tea was Pellum’s first paid job after leaving prison and he is now moving up through the restaurant business to pursue his dream of becoming a chef.

Find Us


Brew, the Tea Pub 114.
Tooting High Street,
SW17 0RR

Opening Hours

Permanently Closed


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Our Story


One day our Founder had a cup of tea that changed his life and gave birth to Albion Tea and Brew the Tea Pub. To see the story of that see our crowdfunding video here.

In June and July of 2015, more than 300 people collectively invested over £200,000 through Crowdcube to help us open our first Tea Pub. Time Out, The Evening Standard, the Daily Mail and Big Hospitality were some of the 20 media outlets to feature our crowdfund.

After a bit of work to find the right site we have now opened the first Tea Pub in Tooting Broadway

Join Our Crew

+ Relentlessly Competent GM wanted to help build a Fleet of Righteous Tea Pubs +

Do you want to put pride back into the drink that defines us as a nation? To be in at the beginning of something which is going to grow across Britain and beyond? If the answer is yes, then you could be the General Manager we are looking for at Brew, the Tea Pub. For more on us see our crowdfunding video and website. For more on the role of General Manager see the links below or email us on

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